Monday, January 25

27 week 1 day

Today is 27 weeks 1 day from July 19, 2009.

What does this mean?  

It means that today Colby is 27 weeks 1 day.  
It means that 27 weeks 1 day ago I had my baby boys.  
It means that, today, Colby and Connor have been out exactly as long as they were in.  (In theory.  Technically there were those 3 days between retrieval and transfer, but that's too confusing for my little brain to comprehend right now...)

It means that tomorrow the boys will be older out than they were in.  It means that tomorrow they will be a part of the outside world longer than they were a part of the inside world.  

Crazy.  Crazy.  Crazy.


Michele said...

It is crazy. We are drawing close to that time ourselves. Nuts. Absolutely nuts.

Jen said...

Just thinking about you!!! I now completely understand your desire to be pregnant again. I am so glad that I found your blog. Although their are differences in our journeys, I have many of the same feelings as you have had.

I also was a teacher, until out boys came home from Russia in 1999.