Sunday, December 27

Amazing Gifts

We had a Merry Christmas and hope you did, too! :)

Christmas Eve was spent with Johnny's family. Colby got lots of clothes, a few toys, and some books. He even got dressed up like Santa. (But you already saw that!)

Christmas was spent here at home with my family-- my parents, Jeff, Chris, Matt, Stephie, and Nikki all came up for the day. Again, Colby got lots of clothes, toys, and books.

We got some really special gifts as well.

Let's see... with photos:

Johnny's Aunt JoJo got us Colby and Connor Ornaments:

My mom and Dad got us ornaments from Colby. (Apprently Colby asked Grammy to get them last time she visited):

I love turtles so my parents go me a Colby/Mommy turtle combo. He's riding turtle-back.

My parents go us an ornament with our whole family:

My parents got Colby a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament:

Chris and Stephie got us a cool engraved family ornament:
Back: (Family is the best gift there is)


Johnny's parents got us a Connor ornament:

Johnny bought me a Connor ornament: (It says "Tis a gift to be a mom")

Johnny bought another Connor ornament:

Johnny bought a Colby ornament:

Johnny bought a family ornament:

Then we also made Connor and Colby ornaments: (So this wasn't really a "gift"... but I was already taking pictures and decided to include them. :) We did gift matching ones to our parents as well.)

Perhaps one of the coolest gifts was the book we got from my brother Jeff and his wife. I was dying to read it all day, but knew I'd start crying so Johnny and I had to wait until everyone left before pulling it out. We were up well past 1am reading it.

Cover of the Book. Jeff drew the turtles and then Nikki colored them.

The dedication page:

All About Connor. And the poem that Johnny read at his funeral.

All About Colby. I'm not sure where the poem came from, but I really liked it.

A page for me and Johnny to write on.

My parent's words to Colby, Connor, and me and Johnny.

Johnny's parent's words to the 4 of us.

Jeff and Nikki's words to the 4 of us.

Chris and Stephie's words to us.

Matt's words to us.

Danny's words to the boys.

An example of the Colby Chronicles.

Another example. Jeff pulled out 1 photo from each Chronicle and made that the background of the two adjoining pages. Then he also pulled out one line from each of the Chronicles and placed that on the left hand page.

At the end Jeff, with the help of Johnny, asked my family and friends to write some words. Only a few friends, 1 of Johnny's aunts, and my aunt/uncle, and both cousins all wrote something. The people who took the time to write will definitely always hold a special place in our hearts. This is Sarah's page.

The end.

I hope those pages are large enough to enlarge and look at because the book is truly incredible.


Alyssa said...

Wow that is absolutely amazing! What a beautiful gift. :)

Michele said...

I love those ornaments! And the book- I dont even have words. I'm too choked up!

Jen said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I am glad that you had a wonderful Christmas!!! The ornaments and books are amazing!!!


Jen said...

That book is downright touching. And I'm not easily touched. What a totally thoughtful gift!

Leah said...

Wow. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts. It brings me joy that Connor will always be remembered through those beautiful ornaments you will hang on your tree each year.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.