Saturday, December 26

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

I know ours was great.  

I got the most amazing present today... since Colby was 1 week old I had been writing and emailing "Colby Chronicles" to family and some friends.  The Chronicles included information such as Colby's days old, weight, meds, and then a blurb about the day.  I also included pictures every day.  I did this as a chronicle for Colby when he's bigger but also to keep family informed so Johnny and I wouldn't have to answer the same questions every single day.

Well, my brother kept all of the 109 Chronicles for Colby's time in the hospital and put them together in an amazing book.  Not only that, but he sought out my immediate family, Johnny's immediate family, and some friends to write letters to me, Johnny, Colby, and Connor.  He also included the words that Johnny and I both spoke at Connor's funeral.  It is the most touching, amazing gift I have ever received.  I wish I could explain it all better... maybe a photo or two (another day) will do it justice.  Suffice to say, it is amazing.  :)


Ashley said...

That's an AWESOME present!! Glad ya'll had a good Christmas:)

Michele said...

That is wonderful. How sweet.

Carrie said...

A TRULY amazing gift! Merry Christmas!