Saturday, December 5

1 Month!

Tonight Johnny and I went out for a date.  :)  We went to see New Moon and out to dinner.  My parents babysat so it wasn't too nerve wracking.  (Colby is 4 + months old and it was hard leaving him-- and I know that is laughable because he spent the first 3.5 months in the NICU, but I digress.)  

So, the movie.  First off, I LOVE the books.  Love them.  I put off reading them as long as possible because I didn't want to be pulled into the fan hype.  But, alas, last Thanksgiving I gave in because people wouldn't stop talking about them.  And pulled in I was.  Anyways... I'm always disappointed when I read a book before the movie.  (Yes, I'm the one who ALWAYS says "The book was WAY better!")  So of course the book was better and totally expected.  But... Jacob... good stuff.  :)  Leaving it there!

Anyways, back to the baby.  Yesterday Colby had his pulmonology appointment.  He's still on Lasix, but we have been given permission/instructions to start weaning him off.  We were told that he looks and sounds amazing.  Next week we have to bring him back to Children's for a hip ultrasound and a kidney ultrasound.  Then hopefully we'll be done with Children's until his next pulmonology appointment in over a month.  They weighed and measured him.  He weighed in at 11lbs 7oz.  (Yes, that is indeed 9lbs 4oz up from birth!!)  He only measured at 21 inches.  Apparently he hasn't grown since he left the hospital 1 month ago.

And I totally just realized that it has been exactly 1 month since Colby left the hospital.  1 month!!!!  It has already gone by SO quickly.  I know it is very cliche, but I cannot imagine or really remember life without him.  He's such a lovey bug.  :)


Michele said...

he is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Yay Colby!

And hooray to a nice night out! But to spend it on Twighlight???? Poor Johnny - what a good man he is!

Hope all is well - Great Picture!

-Bill, Martina, Danny

Jen said...

OMG, NOM NOM NOM!!!! He is completely adorable!!

Leah said...

How nice to have a night out. I also got sucked into the Twilight books. I couldn't put them down. I was so embarrassed when I read all of them in one weekend. Ha.

t said...

Cheeks to be eaten! He's so adorable. I'm glad you got a date out too! Love the last shot in the bumbo. Cuteness.