Sunday, December 20

Christmas Cards

This year I was excited to make photo cards.  I love Christmas, so when we found our we were pregnant in February that was one of my thoughts- that I could take photos of my adorable 2 month old baby and send it out.  

Then we found out we were having twins and it became photos of my adorable 2 month old BABIES.  

When I started thinking of Christmas cards in November I was stuck in a dilemma.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to work it.  Part of me really knew that I needed to include Connor in some way.  I wanted a small little clipart of an angel for Connor in the corner of the card, but it's impossible to customize snapfish cards in that way and it didn't feel right to put a picture of Connor on a vent on the card and certainly not a photo of him after he passed away.  So, instead, I thought of writing "Love, Johnny, Stacey, Colby, and our Angel Connor".  But, honestly, I was a little worried about making people uncomfortable and I didn't want to open myself up to unwanted comments from relatives telling me that it was "weird" if I did that.  (Yes, some would have no problem telling me that)  Instead I went with "Love, The J's" because by default Connor was included, I felt better, and comments weren't a part of it.  Who knew it would be so complicated?

Looking back I think I should have gone with my gut and added Connor's name, but I'm glad I didn't just neglect him completely.  

Recently we had a relative call and ask if they could include Connor in their family Christmas letter.  We were touched that they wanted to include him, so said yes.  I was a little upset when I saw the letter yesterday... it looked like this.  The number was a footnote, because they always use footnotes in their letter...

Jen's cousin Johnny in Boston and his wife Stacey welcomed a new sun Colby. 11

10 We didn't expect a Rahim Z, but think his name is awesome.
11 Colby's twin brother Conner was only with us for a few days before being summoned to heaven.
12 Every letter drafted by a lawyer needs one.

The sentiment was nice I suppose, but why did they have to make Connor a footnote?  It felt like they were making him out as some little insignificance.  (I added the above and below footnotes to show how silly they are meant to be.)  And notice the spelling?  Yup.

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Michele said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry. I would have been hurt about the footnote and misspelling too.