Saturday, October 17

A small rant

I have been saying for weeks now that I can't wait to have Colby home-- for many reasons, obviously-- but one being the extra rest.  I get laughed at in the face by people... except for those who have been there with us.  I'm not expecting to sleep 10 hours, but it WILL be more restful. Here's what the last few months have looked like...

5am: wake up, pump, shower, pack for school, etc.
6:30am: off to school, hit traffic
7:30am: finally there, pump, morning, pump, more morning, pump, afternoon, pump, last minute things done
3:30pm: leave school, drive to Boston
4:15/4:30pm: in Boston, hang out with Colby
7:30/8:30pm: leave, drive home
8:30/9:30pm: home, pump, Colby Chronicles, dinner, school work, pump
11:30pm/12am: bed
2am: pump

If you are laughing you do not know how crazy, busy, stressful, and heartbreaking our life is right now.  Please do not laugh at me or tell me that it won't get better until you've walked in my shoes the past 3 months.


Anonymous said...

that sounds rough, i can completely understand how exhausting it all is, not to mention the emotional toll of having lost conner and having colby in the nicu. when he gets home i;m sure it will get easier to not feel like you're always on the go. it will be a new brand of exhaustion sure, but one that will hopefully be a comfort.

Anonymous said...

apologies for misspelling connor's name.

Michele said...

yesterday was our first non nicu day and it was amazing how much time that gave us. amazing.