Sunday, October 11

12 weeks!

Today marks 12 weeks since the birth of the boys.  12 weeks.  That is just crazy.  Yesterday was gestationally 39 weeks.  It's amazing that I should still be pregnant, but instead have the most beautiful almost-3-month baby in the NICU and a precious little angel baby watching out for us all.

Speaking of that beautiful baby, he is just precious and doing amazingly.  As of late he has been taking his full-feeds through a bottle on demand.  No more of this silly feeding tube business.  He is ready to work for that food!  :)  He does pretty well breastfeeding, but it's not really enough, so bottles and occasional formula it is.  

I haven't mentioned it before, but after we lost Connor I was the world's worst pumper that first week and a half.  Awful.  You're supposed to pump 8-12 times a day and not longer than 5 hours in between.  I was pumping 3, maybe 4 times.  I wish I had realized how critical those first few weeks were to establish your supply.  But as I'm constantly reminded-- I had other things to worry about.  But sadly I'm paying for it now.  Most of Colby's feeds are still breastmilk (though we have learned that he doesn't like frozen and we have a TON of that!!!), but I don't quite produce enough for the tank.  It's a huge regret for me, but I'm happy he was sustained by breastmilk alone for 11+ weeks.  I know I won't make a similar mistake next time!

Anyways, back to Colby.  He's 7+ pounds.  He's been getting doses of a diuretic to try to get excess fluid out of his lungs, so he's been fluctuating between high 6lbs and low 7lbs.  Hopefully he starts to stay above 7lbs constantly!  

His bradies and dsats are next to nothing.  (As in he goes dayss).  It looks like he's last hurdle is the oxygen.  He's still on a cannula although he was tried off for an hour and a half the other day.  He's doing so well!  Hopefully he's home soon!

Pictures to come later!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Colby is doing so well! I hope you get to take him home very soon!

Ashley said...

Glad to hear that Colby is doing well;) Thinking of youhoney ((HUGS))

Michele said...

heis doing well bc of your milk. you are doing GREAT. i found that using a galactogue helped a ton to improve production.