Sunday, October 18

Accidents, pumpkins, cuteness... OH MY!

I have a problem student in school.  He's B.  His mom is C.R.A.Z.Y.  Nice, but nutty.  Anyways, the other day she comes in freaking out because she's pregnant and it's high risk because she had been going through premature ovarian failure so this wasn't supposed to happen.  (It was a good freak out... this doesn't have anything to do with her not wanting a baby.)  She's thrilled, but nervous, and found out she is four months.  

Now why do I mention this?  Because did you guys know that some people actually get accidentally pregnant?  

Sometimes I forget that!  I forget that pregnancy can be a surprise.  It can be good.  It can just be what it's supposed to be.  :)

Naive or not, I'm still hoping the next round is much, much easier than this one.  We've defied the odds in so many negative ways this past year that I want to defy a positive one.  I want to be an ex-IFer who gets pregnant easily the second time around.  :)


Not only is today the boys' official due date.  Today was also the Pumpkinfest in NH that Johnny's cousins always host.  

Why is that significant?  

That means that one year ago I was pregnant for the first time.  

IUI number 3 was successful and I was pregnant for a short time.  Someone mentioned way back then that the miscarriage would be a bittersweet memory.  It's not yet.   The miscarried baby would have had a due date of July 9th.  10 days before my babies--- conceived almost 4 months later--- came into the world.  My world has changed ten-fold in the past year.


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Michele said...

wait, you mean there are people who dont spend thousands, have daily shots, or all sorts of folks up in their hooha? no way!!!