Sunday, October 25

Pictures from the past 14 weeks... And my 400th post!

Today Colby is 14 weeks old. He's done a lot of growing. From 2lbs 3oz to almost 8lbs over the past 3 months. Take a look!

Happy Birthday! July 19th.

Week 1

A little old man- intubated for the second time on July 26th. (I was on CPAP from July 23-July 26th).

Week 2
Under the blue lights and still intubated for time number 2. August 2nd.

Week 3
CPAP time number 2! I extubated myself 2 days prior. August 9th.

Week 4
Kangarooing with Mom. On the Cannula for time number 1. August 16.

Week 5
CPAP man time number 3. And in a new room. August 23rd.

Week 6

Still CPAPing-it. August 30th.

Week 7
Yay! Time for the cannula again! September 6th.

Week 8
Wow! Still on the cannula on September 13th.

Week 9
Growing big and strong! August 20th.

Week 10
Look at how big I am! September 27th.

Week 11
A new month and I'm still getting huge! October 4th.

Week 12
So sleepy. It's hard work growing! And no feeding tube! October 11th.

Week 13
Uber adorable! October 18th.

Week 14

And a cute little frog with no oxygen!!! October 25th!

To say Colby has grown a lot over the past few months would be an understatement! I think I have better pictures to show the growth, but I wanted to use the pictures from every Sunday instead. :)


Anonymous said...

so adorable lady! he's gotten so big!

Infertility is Hard said...

So darn cute! He has gotten to be such a big boy. :-D

Michele said...

love the photo journey!