Sunday, September 27

Baby Shower

Shower Number 4 yesterday (2 before school ended, one last weekend, and this one) was wonderful.  Between last weekend and this weekend we got so much stuff for the little guy.  :)  He's mostly set-- we only need a few practical things like sheets and mattress pad covers.  

Although we did things backwards-- baby and then shower, it still worked out.  We got lots of stuff with Colby's name on it (a couple of blankets and bags, too).  We knew immediately which things would and wouldn't fit (newborn stuff is going to be too small VERY soon!).  The best part?  The cake!!  It had his picture on it!

There were small little Connor touches here and there.  The favors were bookmarks-- Colby and Connor each had their own.  My brother made them and my sister-in-law made the tassels complete with little baseball beads.  :)  

There was a Connor angel on the cake.  I couldn't get my camera to take a non-fuzzy picture, but you get the idea.  

One friend hand-painted a Connor frame.    We have to find a picture, but it will go with all of our other Connor things on my bureau.  

Another friend created a Colby and Connor scrapbook page.  I can't wait to be able to make my own pages and to add her beautiful page to the book.

Overall, the past few weeks have been great.  It's nice to be moving on and in the right direction.  Colby's 10 weeks old (37 weeks gestation).  He's still doing great-- he's on some oxygen, but cute as can be.  It's a little hard to be marking the weeks because following all of Colby's week milestones comes the weeks since we lost Connor.  It's still very surreal- I wonder if it will stop feeling that way?  

We're still doing okay, but I can't wait til Colby is safe at home in my arms at night.  :)


Infertility is Hard said...

Your shower looked wonderful, and how great that Connor was also remembered.

I'm hoping Colby continues to grow and that you can take him home soon.

Michele said...

so glad both your boys were remembered.