Monday, September 8

If there is a next time...

RSC just called. Checking up on my files and the like. My doctor has suggested I do one more clomid IUI (if this one doesn't work). Then she wants me to come in and see where to go from there. Basically, I've been a mystery up until now. They thought it would work with TI so they're kind of at a loss as to why it hasn't thus far. But, who knows, I might be pregnant right now. :) And I know that I said I would put my foot down to more clomid because I want to move on to injectables, I have so much stuff going on right now with school and work that I don't have time to argue this. So, hopefully no need for any more rounds, but if so, it'll be an Oct. clomid IUI and possibly a Nov. injectables cycle.

As always, we wait.


Morrisa said...

Well, I'm here, praying like crazy that there won't have to be a next time!

good luck from VA said...

yeah, exactly, what she said! No more next times!

Oh, and for the record, I think most people would argue that you've ALWAYS been a mystery! :)