Wednesday, September 24

Day 1

Though I had been enjoying my time away from the needle (hey, I sound like an addict), it's back on it on Friday. Today's Day 1, Friday will be Day 3... so that means Friday will be a blood and u/s day. Woohoo. I enjoyed my peaceful couple of weeks (and I always do), but as always, it feels good to be getting something done. So that's that. And I assume this is a clomid at 150 IUI cycle. But I do what I'm told, so I guess I'll find out when I get my call back for the time. And either way, we have an appointment with Anania on Monday to see where we go from here. As always, keeping the fingers crossed.

And on a random note, does anyone else do this? When we start each cycle and figure out when the test day will be, we figure out roughly 12 weeks/3 months from the test. Then we figure out what holiday/event/etc we could share the news at. So, when we did the February cycle we thought Mother's Day. The April cycle we thought my birthday. The August cycle we thought Johnny's mom's birthday... you get the idea. So, this cycle will be Christmas. :) Though I really doubt I could ever really wait that long. Maybe Thanksgiving. :)

Fri morning I'm scheduled for a 7:15 u/s and a plethora of blood work. I guess my blood work-up of hormones and infectious diseases from last year has expired so time for more. Yay... that means multiple vials of blood. And we all know how much I love to give blood... :P And I just ordered this cycle's meds. Should have it tomorrow or Friday. :)

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Morrisa said...

So sorry about the negative. I also did the thing with the dates, although we ended up telling people way earlier than we thought! I'm sending positive vibes your way for this cycle.