Tuesday, September 16

As requested

I have been told that I need to update this more often. However, the reason that I don't update much during the 2ww is because there really isn't much going on. I'm just patiently (or not so patiently, really) waiting for Monday to come along. Or, really, Saturday when I'll test. :) I'm starting to get nervous, but I'm also trying not to think about it.

As usual, school is keeping me busy... tomorrow is Back to School Night, so I'll be at school from 7am-8pm tomorrow. I'll leave at 6:15am and get home probably around 8:30. Long day. The hubby is brining me dinner, though, which will nicely breakup the evening.

So, yeah, I guess I'll update on Saturday... unless something interesting happens before then. :)

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stacy said...

Thanks! I need to know whats going on in my alter-world... if thats a word...