Saturday, September 6


I forgot to mention how ABSOLUTELY ridiculous Johnny was at the IUI today. If you don't know him (and I think only 2 people who read this do...) he is just like a little kid. He needs to be doing something or else he gets bored and makes his own fun (usually stupid fun). He has a very hard time sitting and just waiting. So, after the IUI you have to lay on the table for 15 minutes. Johnny wasn't having any part of that. Instead he proceeded to make his own entertainment. He put on some blue latex gloves. He found a blood draw needle (thank goodness he didn't feel the need to use it!). He opened all the drawers. (I sure hope they don't have a camera in there!). He played with the pull out part of the table. He played with the light on the table. He took out one of those huge Q-tip looking things and wanted to use it very badly (I said no). And then, when everything else was denied of him, he tried to crawl on the top of the table with me. There's more, but to spare him from sounding too weird or crazy I will leave it out. Suffice to say, he was really entertaining. I guess you had to be there. But he was being so loud and I was laughing so much I'm sure they heard us in the hallway. I wouldn't be surprised if they immediately went inside to see what havoc we had caused. :)

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Carrie said...

He sounds like a funny character! Glad he was able to entertain you during your wait!