Sunday, February 24

Twists and Turns

Obviously on Wednesday I was told that I wasn't pregnant.  What they didn't tell me was that my hCG level was 2.8.  I'm not sure entirely what that means... but lower than 2 is considered not pregnant.  And they just rounded down to say that I wasn't pregnant.  Okay.  No big deal.  

Enter Saturday- Day 1.  I was in a ridiculous amount of pain- so much that I actually had to *gasp* take meds and use a hot water bottle.  I have NEVER had to do that before.  Well the water bottle... the meds a little.  But just because I'm wimpy.  I was NOT being wimpy on Saturday.  So anyways, I asked the Drs. that I be able to go in for my u/s and blood on Day 2 (Sunday) to make life easier for myself on Monday- the first day of Work to Rule craziness.  So... moving on.

Sunday morning (today actually!) I went to RSC with Johnny at 9:30 for blood and u/s.   My u/s wasn't technically scheduled until 11:15am, but we were out of there by 10am- they took us early.  :)  So, the blood SUCKED.  The lady only poked me one time, but she did it in the most painful way ever.  I think she went in sideways, but Johnny claims she didn't.  I swear, a fraction of an inch more and the needle would have been out of my arm.  But I digress.  Blood went fine and the u/s went fine.  The u/s nurse didn't narrate or anything, but she didn't seem nervous or anything, so I guess it all went well.

This afternoon at around 12:30pm Chris from RSC called (though my phone was still silenced from RSC, so I didn't get to it until 2pm-ish) and left me a l-o-n-g complicated message.  She said that on Wednesday my hCG (hGC?) was at 2.8*.  (* because I don't know the measurement)  She said that a - pregnancy test is reserved for less than 2, and a "strong" + is reserved for 100 or above.  I guess the 3-99 is for advancing pregnancies?  Anyways, Wed. I was a 2.8 (almost a negative) and yet today for some reason I was at 8.8.  In 4 days I had gained 6-whatevers although I wasn't pregnant.  Or so they though.  This being said, they still don't know exactly what is going on or went on... but I can't start meds.  And I go back to RSC for blood on Tuesday.

I guess she said the levels may suggest a few things... a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage), maybe some kind of weird pregnancy, or an ectopic pregnancy (though she said this would be VERY unlikely with the numbers).  But this brings me back to my severe pain on Saturday- does that tell us anything??

But thinking about it... if it was a miscarriage or something like that... I'm so glad they told me I wasn't pregnant on Wednesday.  SO GLAD.  It hurt and it sucked and I had convinced myself I was pregnant (because, well, I may have been!), but I got over the sadness of it pretty quickly.  :)  I cried for 10 minutes and then I was myself again- ready to face the next round of treatment.  If I had thought- even just for a few days- that I was REALLY officially pregnant, and then started my period on Saturday I would have been DEVASTATED.  There's just no way around it.     But alas, I'm okay and just a bit curious about what on earth is going on in my crazy body.

And I leave myself with a question- according to online hCG research, levels increase so much in the first days that you can have a positive pregnancy test 3-5 days before your period.  And then the levels just increase from there.  Why were my levels so low 3 days before my period, but then continued to INCREASE as my period went on??  Let's see how things go on Tuesday.  

But this does give Johnny and I hope.  Even if the pregnancy was a miscarriage or something didn't quite work, we know a few things.  1) I dropped an egg!!  2) It was fertilized somehow.  So now I'm just left to hope some more.  :)

And back to school tomorrow!  :)

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