Tuesday, February 26

The waiting continues... and I hate to wait

And so, my levels went down.  Or at least they're going down.  I go again next Tuesday for more blood tests to make sure that they're zero-ing.  I'll start my next Clo.mid cycle with Day 1.  At the earliest that will be late March.  Most likely I will have to start again with Provera for 10ish days.  That will push actually starting Clo.mid to early April.  And therefore, finding out about pregnancy for late April/early May.  And there we have it... a few more months of more waiting. 

Waiting sucks.

But it will be worth it- I'm sure of it.

Oh, and I was really pregnant.  A chemical pregnancy as they called it.  And it most likely did implant due to the pain I had the other day.  So there we have it.  Do we tally this as a miscarriage?  Because I thought it would feel different... and I'd feel different.   Sometimes I even surprise myself.

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