Saturday, February 2

Saturday... Day 21

Back to the doctors today.  As usual the had to poke me 2 times to get blood.  Left arm = nothing and then tried again in the right arm.  The first nurse chickened out after she couldn't get it the first time.  So she called another one over.  Much better.  :)

The u/s was cool.  The nurse I had was awesome- so nice and she talked so it wasn't awkward.  Anyways, on the left- after 3 days on 100mg of clo.mid- she counting around 30 follicles under 10mm on my left!  I can't figure if that's good or not- it may be too many.  On the right she counted 32 follicles under 10mm and 1 follicle over 10mm.  (12.5mm)  She said it looked good- I guess I really responded to the 100mg of clo.mid!  I'll get the call tonight with instructions, but I'm sure that I'll have to go back in a few days to see if that 12.5mm follicle has increased in size.  I'll update after I get the call.  :)

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