Saturday, December 31


Dear 2011,

You've been a pretty awesome year.

Colby went from a semi-toddling still-baby toddler to a talking, running, crazy two-year-old-going-on-ten ball of amazing energy.  I began the year counting words, amazed that he was saying 30 words at 18 months.  Now he won't stop talking and I can coach him to say things like "Sorry!  Didn't mean to be rude!" when he burps.  (Just for giggles.)  He's had 3 haircuts, went on tons of adventures, and really became his own person.  He went on his first train rides, his first plane ride, and even started 2011 in another state altogether.  We went from loving Thomas to Toy Story to Caillou back to Thomas and then on to Cars.  He became a total clown who loves to fall down for laughs and will ask "Are I okay Mama?" when he falls.  But he's still a Mama's boy at heart who loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss.  He reminds me every single day why we started this whole parenting thing.

And the girls.  Oh, the girls.  They helped fill the first 5 months of 2011 with anticipation and love mixed with worry and uncertainty.  I had a spinal and cerclage when 2011 was just days old.  I spent hours and hours at appointments, a month in the hospital in bed, another 6 weeks laying in my own bed (and on the couch), then had surgery, spent another week in the hospital, and a few more days visiting the NICU.  All for their health... and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Times a million.  They went from (relatively) teeny 4lb 10oz loves (monsters when compared to the boys) who slept and ate and slept some more to squishy, rolly, sitting, teething, squealing loves.  Their personalities are so distinct it makes me laugh.

Sydney is laid back, content to play on her own.  But if she needs you for food or a diaper, she is fast to let you know.  She has a set of lungs on her to ensure she gets noticed.  She loves to jump in the Jumparoo and chew on anything in sight.  She loves her pacifier and will find it and start sucking away without help.  She loves bath time, but hates to get dried off. She won't lay still for a diaper.  She's so strong that you literally have to fight with her to get her to sit still for anything.  She's so ready to crawl.  She can scoot on her bottom, rotate, and push backwards a little.  She loves to eat and has chowed down on sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, cereal, applesauce, and bananas.  Like Colby was, you can't get food into her fast enough.  She wakes up every few hours at night still to eat, but I don't mind because it's when we get our best cuddles in, and she's growing way too fast anyways.

Zoe is usually pretty laid back too, but she wants more Mama time.  She's a little more laid back about her needs and will usually whimper for a diaper or bottle.  For awhile.  Then the screaming comes out.  She loves her big brother and will laugh at him for hours.  But she is a Mama's girl at heart and will let out huge sad tears while throwing out the pouty lip if she's not around Mama enough.  She loves to chew on anything and will sit and inspect it so carefully.  Her favorite toys are anything that belong to Colby- cars, trucks, trains.  Basically anything with a small part that can be swallowed.  She's not interested in her pacifier and I rarely even offer it anymore.  She's like Colby in that way.  She's not a fan of food and will only tolerate mixed grain cereal and squash, and only sometimes.  She's a total chow hound at night and will eat 15-20oz at night.  It's ridiculous, I can't get it into her fast enough it seems.

And me, well, I had an amazing 9 months off of work.  The first 10 weeks were spent on bedrest, but after that, I've gotten to spend an amazing amount of time with all the kiddos.  I know I was so lucky to get that time-- no time will ever be enough, but it was a good start.  Everything about all 3 of them is going so quickly that it's hard to remember where we were even just a few months ago.

Of course it's not always all good.  2011 was the second full year without Connor in it.  I'm always surprised how much that hurts and how it catches me so off guard.  But we're still learning to live with our reality and it does help to tell Colby about Connor.  To see him kiss Connor's heart.  To see him point to pictures.  I know he doesn't really get it, but it does help.

2012 has a lot of work to do if it's going to catch up to 2011.  But we have 1st birthdays, a trip to Texas, a wedding we're all in, and a 3rd birthday to look forward to.  There's sure to be so much more good in 2012 as well.

So, so long 2011.  It's been fun.

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