Wednesday, January 18

Seriously 2012??

Oh lordy... so I was hoping that 2012 would hold great things.  So far it has been a big ole headache!

  • Colby started getting sick on Dec. 29th with a fever and general "not-himself-ness".  It's been 3 weeks and he's still sick.  He's definitely getting better and nowhere near the "I-only-want-to-lay-around-and-watch-Cars" boy that he was for awhile there, but holy goodness.  Get over the cough and runny nose already.
  • So of course I got sick and was pretty darn miserable.  School started back on Jan 3rd, the 4th I had a fever, sore throat, headache, and lost my voice.  I went to school the next day unable to talk, but the Friday I took off because Colby had pink eye.  Seriously? (That was Day #1 off from work)  Then I went the walk in the next day for my awful throat thinking it MUST be strep.  It was just a virus.  I am still sick.
  • So of course the girls get sick.  Zoe & Syd started getting congested this past weekend.  Miserable times let me tell you.  I think that twins are really pretty easy.  Except when they're sick and clingy. Though still congested and cough-y, Sydney has started to feel a bit better with no noticeable fever.  Zoe was so NOT HERSELF that we went to the doctors today.  103 fever, bloodwork, and chest x-ray later, she was sent home with an antibiotic because of what showed up as the possible beginnings of pneumonia.   Oh and she has pink eye too. (These past two days were Days #2 and #3 off from work.  I have FIVE total before the end of the year.)  Here's to hoping my babes are better soon.
  • On Monday of last week our nanny informed us that she is MOVING to NORTH CAROLINA on JANUARY 30th.  She got engaged and her boyfriend is in the Marines in NC.  So we're on the frantic search for a new nanny.


Anonymous said...

So so stressful. I really hope things can better quickly so you are not pulled in all directions. Have you tried for a nanny? Good luck.


Michele said...

Yuck!!! Feel better soon! Sickness is no fun.