Thursday, December 8

It's the time of year...

...where everyone needs more time.

As time ticks away and I get closer and closer to going back to work I remember how much I still need to get done before Christmas.  Because it's almost here... as in not this coming weekend, but the weekend AFTER.  Seriously.  (Yes, I know you all have calendars, but I had to remind myself.  Again.)

I still have pretty much every single craft to finish...
- The coasters are awesome (I think!) and super cheap (16 cents a tile! + paper + paint + foam/cork on the bottom).  BUT the rubber cement is killing brain cells (only mine, I'm smart enough to use it after the kiddos are in bed) so I haven't finished them all. (4 each x 6 people)
- The penguins are stamped in black, but I started to add the white yesterday and the black is bleeding through, so multiple coats are necessary.
- I still haven't stamped the girls butterflies because when I tried with Zoe, she proceeded to try to put her foot in her mouth.  Fully painted.  I need more hands.
- The handprint calendar is only done by 4 pages.  Colby's attention span is slightly shorter than mine. (Slightly)
- We haven't hand printed the snowmen because I haven't set out the drying rack outside so I can hang & coat it so the paint doesn't chip.
- I haven't chosen the photos for the kids ornaments- though Colby did finish painting the stars.
- I haven't chosen the family photos to print and laminate for Colby's memory game.  But I did decorate the box with scrapbook paper and letter stickers.  I like it.
- Make family cards.

So, yeah.  Busy.  I did finish my mom's photo book & Johnny's mom's calendar though.  And a few of our Secret Santa gifts have been purchased.  And we got Colby a few trains & books & maybe 3 stocking stuffers.  The girls have zip.  Nada.  We haven't even found them stockings.

And we still haven't taken pictures for our Christmas card.  But last year we sent the cards out on December 27th.  So we have time.

What else?  Oh yes, I'm going back to school so I have to get some clothes that fit.  (Seriously, zero clothes fit me now.  Every pair of jeans fall off.  No complaining, but it's a problem.)  I have to register for my spring class.  And figure out how to extend my teaching license.  And start applying for jobs in SE MA.  Because we might be moving & building sooner than we originally thought.

I'm starting to make myself anxious, so I'll calm down with this...

and this...

and this...

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