Monday, December 5

Obligatory Updates...

I'm just so far behind in LIFE right now!

I go back to work on the 19th, so I've been busy trying to get as much finished before Christmas as I can so that I don't have to worry about odds and ends my first week back.  Thanks to my addiction (PINTEREST!) I came up with a ton of Christmas gift ideas - mostly for the grandparents - so I've been working on those with the kiddos...

The girls are making butterfly footprints...

Colby finger painted paper & I'm attaching it to tiles and making coasters.

Colby made a footprint penguin for each set of grandparents.

And Colby made handprint snowmen.

I think we have enough... but I LOVE this thumbprint ornament so much!

If you need ideas for the CUTEST crafts in the world, visit  Seriously, I could browse forever.  (And about 90% of my "Kiddo Crafts" board on Pinterest is from that site!)

Back to Work
As mentioned, I'm back to work on the 19th.  I vary from excited to nervous to plain old dread.  My first week is 4.5 days long with a holiday concert thrown in on Tuesday.  It will be interesting.  When I got my list over the summer there were 21 kiddos on it... apparently they have had to move a few kids because they were just too hard to handle for the sub, so I'm a little worried about that!  She wrote me an email awhile back telling me that they are "crazy but good".  Hmmm...

But then again, I spend my time with a crazy 2 year old and 2 6-month olds.  I like to think I can handle crazy.

We chose our nanny - we went with S.  She came over today to hang out and get a better lay of the land.  Colby warmed right up to her which isn't something he always does.  Within minutes he had her building a train track for him to play with Thomas.  That makes me feel a little better about the whole thing...

The girls are still up 2-4 times a night every night.  They like to eat at night.  Sometimes I'm so over it and think that I have to stop feeding them on demand because they're 6 months old and they should be sleeping through the night.   I worry that I'm creating bad habits and they'll become dependent on it blah blah blah.  But then I remember that I did the same thing with Colby - I fed him bottles through the night for the longest time, but he outgrew it on his own terms and they will too.  

And now the part that I feel like the worlds worst mother!  We have forced hot air and it's pretty much the worst heating set up in the world.  The girls sleep in our room and I close the door to keep out sound and light and because I hate sleeping with an open door.  What that does though, is keep the room chilly because the sensor for the heat is downstairs and when downstairs registers the 70 degrees, upstairs is still chilly but the sensor doesn't know because the door is closed.  And I put on the fan every night (pointing at the ceiling though) as white noise.  (We have a sound machine on order for Christmas thankfully.)  SO I'm always cold and sleep with two blankets & warm pjs.  BUT being the idiot I am, I was putting the girls to sleep in their Rock N Plays (it's a nightmare transitioning to the crib from those!) in their pjs with 1 blanket draped over them.  And they were both SO fussy.  They'd squirm and be generally whiny all night  -- though not waking up.  

WELL the other night I woke up shivering because I had one blanket on.  And then a lightbulb came on in my head.  Here I am, an adult and I'm cold, what on earth must the girls feel like??  So I dug out a pile of blankets at 3 am and piled each girl with about 4 blankets.  (It's safer in the Rock N Plays because I can easily tuck the blankets in and because the girls are strapped in and can't move).  Both girls slept like rocks for 3.5 hours after that.  Yes, it might not sound like much, but that is HUGE around here.  No fussing or whining in between.  Then this AM Zoe slept until 8:45am!  I actually went in to wake her up.  She was so toasty and snuggly in her bed.   So now I feel like I have been torturing my daughters for months by making them sleep in a freezing room with no warmth and their whining was just because they were cold!  :(

The girls are finally big enough to start cloth diapering fulltime and I'm so excited.  I love the cloth diapers and they give me such a sense of satisfaction that I'm doing something else.  They're so easy and CUTE.  (Yes, that's a motivating factor!)  I'm still waiting to get a full stash (Christmas!) but so far I grovia and thirsties that fit the girls.  I'm still getting used to the snaps and getting the right fit, but I'm happy with it!

The girls 6 month check is on Thursday so I'll be starting solids this week.  Maybe that will help the girls sleep even LONGER.  Johnny got some veggies for me to start cooking up.  We have a Beaba Babycook so I'm going to try to make most of the food that the girls eat.  I think I mentioned before that we're skipping over all of the white rice cereal and jumping right into veggies.  I'm excited to see how the girls do.  :)

Well I have a lot more to update about the kiddos, but it's 12:30am and this mama needs some sleep before the next feeding!

Showing off his choo choo collection!

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