Wednesday, March 10

Spring Weather!

It's been beautiful around these parts so for the past few days I've been going for little walks with the Colbinator around our development.  Today I ventured out further, packed up the car, and we headed to the pond right outside my school.  It's a beautiful 2-ish mile loop that we walk every so often with the kindergarten classes so I decided to give it a whirl with Colby in the stroller.  He loved it.  Although he was clearly tired (his eyes get so red when he's sleepy!) he stayed WIDE awake the whole time taking in the views- he's such a people watcher.  (His eyes are closed because the sunlight always bothers him!)

I'm fully aware that he is wearing what we are fairly certain is a girl's onesie... but Grammy and Grampy bought it for St. Patty's day... so he got to wear it.  Ignore the glitter.  And real boys were pink.

I was parked in the school lot and when I got back it just so happened to be 5 minutes until the afternoon bell and I caught up with a few parents from last year walking to the lot to pick up their kiddies.  It was nice to see them and even nicer to see my kiddies when they met up with their moms.  I really do miss them--- I'm truly dreading going back to school in the worst way (have I mentioned that we have YET to solidify child care arrangements?) but I am a bit excited to see the kids and to see the progress that they have made over the last 5 (!!!!!) months.  

On a slightly related note, but not really...

As I've been looking for child care (a big mess I admit-- please don't comment on my lack of organization or planning at this stage) I've been dreaming of switching jobs and becoming a fully time nanny so I could bring Colby along.  It seems like it would be the perfect set up and something that I would love.  (I spent every summer during college nannying full time.)  But then I remind myself that I went through 4 years of college to get my degree, multiple super-long tests to get my license, and I'm smack dab in the middle of grad school to continue my license... so I'll stick it out. 


svallely said...

I have a friend who nanny's and brings her baby with her... and she is about to move back to MA and is having a heck of a time finding someone who will allow her to do that up here... just an FYI... plus I think you are an amazing teacher and it would be such a waste to have you only touch a few children's lives rather than an entire classroom full for years! :)

Michele said...

He's such a handsome guy! (And I recognize that carseat and bundleme, LOL). Where did you get the strap covers for his carseat straps? I've looked for some like that and cant find them!

Leah said...

Colby looks so sweet and peaceful in those pictures. Love it. :-D

I hear you about the full time nanny thing. Sometimes I think about it too, but then I think of my education and such. But I'm always trying to think of creative ways to be at home with my kiddos.