Friday, March 12

He's so BIG!!!

See this adorable baby with the wet sleeve?

There is a war going on inside of his mouth.

And (knock on wood) aside from the copious saliva coming out of his mouth and the desire to chew on anything and everything in sight, you wouldn't know. No crying, no whining, no up-all-nights... nothing. (Again, knocking on wood here.)

But, today I felt the first tooth poking out of the bottom left side of the front of his mouth.

My baby has a tooth coming in!!

Not only that, but this little man is ready to move! He's not crawling, but he's learning to push off with his feet to slide across the floor. So far he's only really moving in circles, but he's on his way!

How is my baby big enough to have teeth and to be almost crawling?!?!!

(And why does this always underline at the bottom of my posts??)


Ashley said...

Love it!! Colby is sooo adorable;) I wish you lived closer so he and McKenzie could be playmates!!! Have a good weekend honey!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Go Colby Go! It's funny - Colby looks Ginormous, and yet we think Danny's growth is normal and regular. So much different when you see the changes every day.

PS - that top picture is AWESOME!

Michele said...

WooHoo!!! We have 2 droolers too, with hard little teeth just beneath the surface! I cant even believe it!