Wednesday, March 17

Oldies but goodies

I was playing on facebook looking at old profile pictures I've had. (Because, you know, going tosleep would make too much sense...) I change my profile pretty frequently and I have over 4 pages of just Colby/Connor pictures. But that's not the point. The point is that I was looking at some of the older pictures... it's amazing how much the little bug has grown! You don't notice it too much on a daily basis, but looking back, it's crazy.

He had such a teeny tiny head! It's hard to believe that it's such a huge noggin now. :) I have a hard time remembering or believing that my baby was so itty bitty not so long ago. Those days of the NICU seem like a distant, fuzzy memory.

And my little baldy (to be fair, his hair is growing in pretty quickly lately) had SO much hair when he was first born! It's hard to remember the days when he skin was loose enough to allow him to have a wrinkly forehead. He looked like such an old man back in the day!


Catherine W said...

It's so hard to believe looking at Colby now!

Leah said...

He was so tiny! I think he looks so much like you. Wow!

Michele said...

Wow, seeing that first picture again reminds me of just how much he looks like you!