Wednesday, March 24

Back to work nerves!

So I left Colby for the 1st time today with someone other than Johnny or our parents. I had an appointment and it seemed like a good time to "try out" the sitter. It was only for about an hour.

Holy cow did it suck. I missed him like crazy and it was hard to leave!! It's kind of funny thinking how hard it was to leave seeing as I left him every day for 109 days in the NICU... but I digress.

My point? I need help! If you have gone back to work post-baby, give me some hints! I am a bit excited about jumping back into school, but scared to death to leave Colby all day!


Catherine W said...

Oh your poor thing! It's so scary isn't it! I still haven't left Jessica with anyone expect my husband, my parents or my in-laws.

I've gone back to work part time and I've been back six months now. I'm STILL finding it hard. But I've found that I've eventually got back into my work and have been distracted enough that I actually haven't thought about Jessica for up to ten whole minutes! xo

Leah said...

I don't have any tips, cause I'll be dealing with the same thing in a few months. It's going to be so hard, I know. I hope it gets much easier for you.