Friday, March 19

8 Months for the boys!

We finally chose a babysitter for the buggy! :) We met with 3 people and the last one was AWESOME! She's a mom with 2 older kids- 17 & 14- and fell in love with the little guy! It was immediately clear that she was looking to watch Colby because she genuinely wants to spend time with him... the others were clearly in it for the (little) money. I'm really excited... I'd MUCH rather be home with my little man forever, but at least now I am comfortable knowing he'll be in good hands. This is how his week will look...

Monday: 1/2 day Johnny's mom, 1/2 day sitter
Tuesday: 1/2 day Johnny's mom, 1/2 day sitter
Wednesday: Sitter
Thursday: Sitter
Friday: My mom

A few Wednesday or Thursdays here and there we may have someone else in the family come and spend the day with the Buggy, but at least we will always have someone who is able to do the days. :)


The cool dude in his helicopter hat and sunglasses. :)

A whole bunch of 8 month photos. :) Happy Birthday Boys!


Ashley said...

Soo cute! Gotta love that outtie belly button;)

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Hey!! First off, Colby is such a doll. I love his eyes, the color is so unique. Happy 8 months to him!!

Lets see, the doc said sunscreen is okay. Obviously, keep it out of the eyes. I wasnt sure because they all say not until 6 months but were going to FL next month and he will only be 5. As far as gum brushing, she said it isnt necessary for a while. Some people do it to get a child used to having their mouths open and rubbed. Other than that, she said the cute-sy brushes and paste arent needed!!

Happy Saturday, friend!

Michele said...


Leah said...

Such cute pictures!!! He's getting SO big! :-D

And congrats on finding a sitter. That must be a great feeling. I'm sure you're like me and would rather stay home, but seeing you can't right now, it's great that you found someone you trust and who will love spending time with your lil man. :-D

birdsandsquirrels said...

He is just adorable! Such a happy smiley boy! I love the eight spelled out in block letters - that's a great idea that I might have to steal from you!
Good luck with going back to work. It must be so hard to leave him, but it sounds like you have found a good situation with the sitter and family watching him.