Thursday, August 25

And the needles continue...

I don't know if I ever mentioned that in the beginning of August I met with hematology to discuss my clot & the next steps?  Anyways, I did & at that appointment the doctor casually mentioned that there were reasons why radiology had been pretty worried about the clot back in May.

Reason 1 was that the clot was pretty large & had started to expand or something in the vein.  (Obviously I listened really well)  The ovarian vein thrombosis (clot) was a complication of pregnancy not seen often (as in once every few years in the hospital) & the size of my clot was especially unusual.

Reason 2 that they had been worried was something about how swollen the whole area was.  It was at my hematology appointment that my doctor casually mentioned the possibility of there actually being a tumor.  (Yeah- not cool.  I couldn't believe they hadn't mentioned that possibility to me back in May.  But then again, I was so ready to get out of the hospital (I had definitely gone from "model-super-easy-patient-we-all-love" to "uh-oh-patient-zilla") that they probably didn't want to provoke me.  :))

However, they assured me that everything was probably fine & that the clot should be completely gone by that point as I had been on blood thinner injections 2 times a day.

I went for my MRI yesterday to make sure that the clot was no more and the area was A-okay.  The results- no tumor.  Yay.  I guess the swelling went down and the area was looking more normal, but despite 3 months of injections, the clot persists.  It has shrunk, but it's still there.  So instead I continue with the injections for a few more weeks until my prescription runs out & then I go back in November again to meet with Hematology and schedule another MRI.

And I was so ready to live a needle-less life for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! It's just scary to have to deal with. :( I hate that it's taking time and energy away from Colby and your girls! Hopin' that at the next scan, it's all gone - and no more needles!