Saturday, September 10

Still alive & questions

Three months of these little beauties.  

Just typing that makes my heart flutter a little bit.

Three months- a quarter of a year.  They're getting so big- both girls are a little over 10 pounds.  They're in 0-3 clothes, but like their brother they're long & lean.  They need the length, but pants and skirts fall off their waist.  That's fine though because we rarely have time in the day to get out of a onesie.  :)

They have such different & distinct personalities.  

Sydney's still our drama queen.  Everything is a HUGE deal and MUST be attended to immediately.  She has to be pinned down to nurse or drink from a bottle or else she flails like a fish out of water.  It usually takes at least 5 tries & the help of a pacifier to get her to latch on.  It's frustrating, but I'm trying to stick with it.  :)  She eats less than her sister but is somehow just a tad bigger.  She takes eating in stride and won't take more than an ounce or so without needing a break.  She sleeps more than Zoe, but when she's awake she's just as alert and nosey.  She rolled over for the first time the other day, quite gracefully I might add.  Colby used to smash his oversized head on the floor, but Syd took it all in stride.  She's a huge smiler and is so close to laughing.  She loves the Moby but isn't to sure of the Bjorn yet.  She can only sleep & settle if she's swaddled lately- and let's you know that she's tired by screaming.

Zoe's more laid back & cries much less.  Diapers bring a whimper and hunger elicits a cry that can be soothed while she's waiting.  As a result this poor girl comes in second quite a bit.  Sometimes I do her first because I feel badly that she's always second, but then I realize that she probably doesn't care.  She's always awake, often just staring happily at the world.  You can tell she's tired when she gets fussy and when her left eyelid gets red.  Colby was the exact same way.  Despite being a little reflux-y, Zoe consumes her meals in record time without pause.  She hasn't rolled over yet, but her head is keeping her down.  She's working on lifting its contents but it's hard when it's so large.  She's always smiling and cooing.  She's only now starting to like the Moby, but only when she can have her legs sticking out.  She can sleep just as well swaddled as she can completely sprawled out.  

And Colby continues to be the best big brother.  He's learning so much lately it's mind boggling.  He knows most of his colors but often calls orange yellow and purple pink.  He knows basic shapes and some of the letters in his name- as well as a few random ones.  He loves to cook with me.  He's a total clown and loves to fake fall to get a laugh.  He learned how to open the front door to let himself out.  (uh oh!)  He loves to jump in puddles and play with the "kids" around the complex.  He loves trains, trucks, cars, wheels... he's a total boy.  He loves his sisters and gives them hugs and kisses all the time.  he loves when the girls do tummy time & will grab the basket of baby toys and dump it out so he can show the girls the toys.  He's still a bit picky, but recently began eating small amounts of chicken. He ate a scallop at my mom's birthday dinner.  Veggies are still pretty non-existant despite how much he loved them back in the day, but fruit is still a 100% hit, so I'm thankful for that.  He loves his mama like no one else.  He's just incredible.

As soon as Colby was 6 weeks old I was ready to try for baby #3.  I'm not there yet this time.  :)  I'm loving every single second with these girls, but I often feel so guilty that they're not getting the quality time that Colby got- or that Colby's not getting the time like he used to.  So I'm enjoying spending as much time cuddling and kissing these little ones- all three of them.  I know I'll be back on the baby train soon, but for now I'm content waiting.  And so is Johnny... the other day I wasn't feeling well.  He went upstairs to take a shower and I took my temp and realized I was running a fever- which explained why I wasn't feeling so hot.  When he came down I said "I know why I'm not feeling well."  and he immediately got a TERRIFIED look on his face and said "You're pregnant!"  It was quite funny... :)

Somehow I'm still dropping weight... kind of at an alarming pace.  It's weird, I still have the pizza dough-y belly that I'm sure I'll never lose (or at least not for a long time), but my clothes are literally falling off of me & every day I step on the scale it's down by another bit.  At first I thought it was the scale that was wrong, but Colby's weight is staying constant, so I'm guessing it's right.  I'm not really complaining... but it's just weird.  The same thing did NOT happen when I had the boys...but I also had time to eat much crappier and to generally be sluggish before Colby came home.  Now... the only time I get to myself is during my late night pumping sessions.  Every other minute of the day is consumed by babies, pumping, cooking, playing, laundry, dishes, bottles... you get the gist.  

Oh well, if you read this far, congrats.  :)  A few other people are opening themselves up for questions, so, if anyone still reads this (I know, I've gotten REALLY boring lately!  And bad at commenting...) and has any questions about anything, ask away.  :)


Brittany said...

Wow the kids look so big! I noticed the girls in cloth diapers, are you doing all cloth now? How is cloth diapering two(three?) little ones going? Do you have any tips?

Ashley said...

Great pics!! I still dont know how you do it Girly!!

Anonymous said...

You just have the prettiest babies - all three of them! I was ready to start trying again right away after Davie was born, too. I'm glad we ended up waiting 6 months, though. We're just starting to try again and I already feel guilty for taking time and resources away from Davie! I want so much for her to have a sibling, though.