Wednesday, August 24

A day in the life...

I was reading a schedule recently by another twin mom and thought it would be interesting to sketch our daily schedule, but then I realized that we're not really there yet... ha.  We do have some regular parts of the day, but so much of it is just following everyone's lead... but let's see...

5am- Usually Sydney starts stirring, so I grab her before she shrieks for a diaper change and reswaddle.  She hangs on the Boppy while I grab Zoe and change and reswaddle her too.  Both girls nurse for anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.  Then they both go back on the Boppies (I do all this on the floor at the foot of our bed) and I hook up to the pump for 20-30 minutes.  Midpump I'll stop and put about an ounce into a bottle and try to top off the girls.  Sometimes they take it, usually they don't.

6/6:30am-ish- Back to bed for a few.

7am-ish- Girls start stirring again and it's all over.  They usually do a quick nurse again & I may pump depending on Colby.  Then we play until Colby wakes.

8am- Colby wakes up asking for "awfuls".  Head downstairs with him, set him up with breakfast or toys.  Back upstairs for the girls, one at a time in their Rock & Plays.  Back upstairs for pump, dirty bottles, cooler of milk, & changes of clothes for everyone.

8:20am-After breakfast we play, play, play...

9am-10:30  I nurse the girls again & pump again for 20 minutes.  Girls usually go down again... Sydney sleeps better in the AM so she'll usually take a solid nap.  Colby's still playing.

10:30/11am- Girls start to wake & they play & we all play.  On a good day we get outside in the AM for the water table or pool.  On a REALLY good day we get outside for some sort of errand.

11am- Girls change, nurse, pump...

12pm- Calliou while I get lunch ready.  Girls are usually awake & smiley.  Colby eats & plays some more.

1:30pm-3:30pm Colby goes down for a nap.  Girls get changed again, nurse, pump & hopefully the girls both nap again.  Usually they both nap pretty well during this time.

3:30pm- Up unless Colby went down later.  Usually play outside.

4:30- Change, nurse, pump.  Every other week Johnny's home around now and he plays with Colby.  The opposite weeks he's home at 5

5pm- On a good day I start getting dinner figured out and started.  Colby usually eats around 5:30/6pm.  Otherwise it's all playing.  The girls may nap or may not depending on what we're doing and who's entertaining them.

6:30pm- With Johnny home I sneak in an extra pump session

7:30-8pm or so- Change, nurse, pump again.  Girls go down for sleeeep in their Rock & Plays downstairs still.

8:15pm-9pm- Colby up for bath/shower, books, bed

9pm Come down and pump

9:20-10:30pm: Get things ready/wash bottles/load up cooler/start moving everything upstairs for hte night.  We eat if we didn't already eat.

10:30-11pm- Last change, bottle with vitamin, and girls upstairs for bed.  Usually around now Colby's waking up for Mama's bed.

1:30am2:30/3am- Gooood morning Sydney & Zoe.  Up again to change, nurse, pump...

That's kind of what it looks like.  There are lots of days where feeds end up every 2 or so hours.  These girls know that it's healthier to eat smaller amounts more frequently, so they stick to that.  They usually take about 70-80ml instead of more, so they're eating every 2-3 hours.  I think one time we got 4 hours out of them.

I don't always have time to pump after nursing... I try to every time, but sometimes Colby really needs my attention or the girls won't settle.  After every feed I usually try to top them off... sometimes they take it sometimes they don't.  They're growing & healthy so I'm not stressing about it too much.

OH, look at that... Colby's awake.  :)

This was already wrong today... so far it's been a 11:30/1:30/4 kind of morning...


Leah said...

Whew! Sounds exhausting! But I bet as time goes on, your schedule will become more exact. You are doing a wonderful job! :)

Adam and Julia said...

Love it!! We will never rest again!!!

iamstacey said...

I wish I had half your stamina! You're amazing!

Ashley said...

Omg! When do you sleep girl!!!! You are awesome!!