Monday, August 15

A few updates

It's been awhile since a real update... time is limited. :)

Despite this weekend's excitement Colby's doing great. This fever/sickness/seizure was really the first time he has been really sick since he was released from the NICU. He's had a few low fevers here and there mostly associated with teething and he's had a few colds and croup one time, but nothing that ever amounted to anything serious. Basically he's beaten all the odds of being a 27 weeker. (And it never gets old to hear everyone say that!)

Speaking of beating the odds... shortly after his birthday he was reassessed with Infant Followup at Children's Hospital. Infant Followup follows preemies for 3 years to see how they're developing. Last year he went and was scored as being behind in language and pretty much on-par with corrected age (3 months late) for everything else. This time he went with Johnny and scored just under 3 years old for receptive and expressive language (he doesn't stop talking so I'm not surprised) and above 2 years in fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social, emotional. He did so well that he "graduated" early from IF and doesn't need to be seen next year. I can't tell you how much it helps me to know that he's doing so well. I still have a lot of guilt associated with the boys early birth so it's nice to be clearing some hurdles. I know we still have quite a few to pass because extreme preemies have increased chances of developing ADD and other learning disabilities, but for now we're looking good.

When he talks, he's all about the verbs and I find it so cute. "I walkin" and "I runnin" and "I climbin" He uses complete sentences and will tell you super elaborate stories. When he tells stories he talks with his hands and gets so into them. I often only catch a few words or sentences from his stories, but he clearly knows what he is saying. He knows colors, can count to 10, knows most of the ABCs, can point out a few letters in his name, loves to read books... He still loves Toy Story. He's a total boys boy with trucks and balls, but he also loves shoes. He's currently napping with his Crocs on. He's a water baby and loves to splash and jump and generally get soaked.

He's absolutely amazing. He loves his mama and dada and babies. He's at an age that we can teach him silly things so Johnny taught him to fist pump and I taught him to "put people to sleep" by waving his hand and saying "go to sleep". Then he'll wake you up by yelling "wake up!". He gets into it and lets you put him to sleep too. He also knows how to make people laugh and if you laugh, he'll keep doing whatever it was that made you laugh. My brothers & Johnny taught him to say "precious" like in Lord of the Rings (I've never watched it so I'm trusting them here) and when he would say it everyone would crack up, so he'd say it over and over and over. He also started pushing a button on a magnet at my parents house & when it would beep he would make himself fall. We found it hilarious so he would do it over and over. He's going to be a clown.

We "started" potty training. He got a Toy Story potty for his birthday. He used it 1 time shortly after his birthday and has had no interest since. We're not pushing it at all and just going with the flow. When he gets it, he gets it. I'm in no rush to make this little guy grow up!

At his 2 year appointment he weighed in at just under 26lbs, measured about 34 inches, and had a head circumference in the 80+ percentile. He's finally big enough to be front-facing, but we're keeping him rear-facing in his car seat for as long as possible (he can be 40 inches in his car seat). We're always on the highway, so I just feel safer having him rear-facing as long as he can be. It's a bit of a pain to get all 3 in the car because of the way his carseat sticks out, but for now it's how we feel safest. :)

He loves fruits, "mac-a-monie", sweets, bread, milk & yogurt. Veggies are tough and meats are very touch-and-go. Eating is a constant struggle. Sleeping is getting better. He goes down for naps on his own pretty easily. Bedtime is getting better too... he falls asleep on his own in his Big Boy Bed. He usually wakes up a few times and easily goes back to bed. Around the 3rd time or so he asks for Mama's bed. I'm going to be more than a little sad when he doesn't want to be in our bed anymore.

He loves his sisters. He'll try to climb into their beds to give them hugs and kisses. Before bed he kisses daddy and then his sisters. He knows the babies only drink milk and can't have anything else. He loves when I put them on the ground for tummy time and sometimes orders me to put them down for tummy time. He'll grab the bins of baby toys and dump them out to share with the girls. He loves to hold the girls, but if they start crying when he's holding them he'll push them away. Sometimes if I'm holding a girl and he wants to be held he'll point to their bed and say "Mama, baby down." He's the best big brother and I'm so excited to see them all grow up together.

The Girls
The girls are growing up so fast I can't stand it. They're both over 9lbs now and in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing.

Zoe looks more like Johnny and is growing dark hair. Her eyes are still dark blue and beautiful. She's super nosey and spends her time looking around. Her nosiness has made her neck super strong though. She already sits in the Bumbo without a problem. Tummy time she gets her belly off the floor already and looks around propped up by her arms. She's a little harder to get to nap and she's more sensitive to Colby's noise and wakes up easier. Before she cries she sticks out her lip just like Colby does and you know it's coming, but she's pretty easily soothed. She loves her pacifier and it works wonders. She doesn't like a dirty diaper, but she'll just whimper until you change it. She's loves to cuddle when she's tired and will mold to you, but when she's awake she'll bob all around and push off with her feet.

Sydney looks more like Colby & I. She has lighter hair and her eyes are still dark blue as well. Her nose is more pointed and her ears are more folded. She's nosey too, but is also content just laying with you when she's awake. She's not as thrilled with tummy time and she sleeps more, so her neck isn't ask strong yet. She'll lay on her belly and cry during tummy time instead of trying to push up. She's better at falling asleep and staying asleep. However, when she wants something she'll let you know by shrieking until she gets it. Nothing will soothe her until she gets what she wants. She can't stand a dirty diaper and will not do anything until it gets changed- you can't content her with food, a pacifier, or cuddles if her diaper is dirty. If she has to burp she will scream as well. Once it comes out she's so happy though.

Both girls are smiling and cooing like crazy and it's melting my heart. A few tickles and they're all grins. I love the little sounds I hear from the backseat as they're cooing to themselves. I can't believe it has already been so long that they've been here.

My district has been amazing throughout both pregnancies. With the boys they worked with me to take my leave when Colby was discharged from the NICU. If they hadn't I would have spent over 2 months of leave sitting in a hospital room. It worked out great that I was home for 5 solid months with him. Of course I wanted more but I'm so grateful for the time I had.

With the girls, they have been just as awesome. I was on Sick Leave from March to the end of the year- fully paid with benefits. Now I've been out for the summer and come September I have another 12+ weeks to be out with the girls, so I'll be back to school probably some time in December. It will make the year tricky, but I'm so glad I have the time with the kiddos.

I'm switching to first grade this year so I have lots of the same kids which is great (for the most part...). I'm anxious to get my room set up so things are the way I like it despite not being there for the whole beginning of the year. It's an exciting change.

Zoe's waking up- the other 2 are still napping, so I'll end this here.


Becca Andrews said...

I don't comment often, but I've been a lurker for a while :) I just wanted to say I'm glad Colby is feeling better. All of your kiddos are adorable! Also, great job keeping him rear facing to the max of his seat. It's 5X safer than forward facing... and it's so nice to see another mama promoting extended rear facing (we're fans too, my dd is 3yo and still rear facing). Hope you have a great day!


Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

Just stumbled on your blog and have been reading through your story. What an amazing woman and mother you are. Here I sat today complaining about heat and how cranky my child was and your blog brings it all into perspective. Your children are beautiful and you have such a great blog.