Tuesday, December 21

Scan, Cards, & NICU

NT Scan

Yesterday marked 12 weeks already (!!!) so today we went into Boston for our NT Scan. I'm only now beginning to realize how completely disjointed and mismanaged my care was last time I was pregnant. A lot of the things we're doing now we find ourselves asking "Did we do that last time?" The answer is usually no.

Anyways, we met with a Genetic Counselor at BI. We spent a few minutes going over family history, pregnancy history, concerns, etc.-- all stuff we never did last time. She told us the accuracy rates, chances, etc. Basically we just saw her to go over the paperwork.

Now, we have talked about it, and even if something comes up, we don't plan on doing anything about it-- meaning I would never terminate because I came back with a high risk of Downs or something. And I wouldn't ever risk an Amnio either, so basically we were just there for a free ultrasound. (Week 12-- 3 ultrasounds down!)

After the paperwork and the finger-prick-paper-thing, we headed down to ultrasound for the NT Scan. We were with the nurse for about an hour.

Of course, as always the first thing I looked for were the heartbeats. I wasn't really nervous and I had no reason to be concerned, but I still always breathe a sigh of relief when I see those heartbeats.

The babies were so active and they LOOK like babies and they were wiggling their hands and it was SO cute I couldn't stand it. Colby liked looking at the babies for about 5 seconds then all he wanted to do was run run run. But he did pretty well too.

Both babies measured at 12w6d-- 5 days ahead. Baby A had a heart rate of 166 and Baby B had a heart rate of 163. Both are about 10-15 bpm faster than the boys were at the same time. Girls...? :) As for the neck folds-- Baby A had a fold of 1.9 and Baby B had a fold of 1.6 putting them both below the threshold of concern at 2.5.

We got a few pictures-- I'm still not sure how to use the scanner, so instead I took pictures of them. The yellow-y orange ones are without a flash so they look a little weird and the others are with the flash so they're a little too bright. Oh well. :)

Baby A

The twins- 3D style

Baby B

Christmas Cards

Our cards came in yesterday-- finally! We aren't sending them until Christmas Eve because we purposely don't want people to get them until right after Christmas. We have family members we want to tell in person about the twins before we do our big announcement, but I love how they came out! Again-- picture instead of scan. :)


Back to the visit today-- we ended our trip to the hospital with a stop at the NICU. It was perfect because one of Colby's primaries- Haley- was working as was the RT- Candy- who took AMAZING care of him when he was on the vent and CPAP. We were so excited to see them and Colby was a total ham.

They seemed genuinely excited to see him as well. It's got to make them proud to see a graduate doing so amazingly. :)

We also gave them a Christmas card to tell them we're expecting-- I was told I am not allowed back except to visit in July when the babies are born! That's okay with me!!

Overall it was a great day. :)

Next appointment- Jan 3rd, then the cerclage on Jan 6th!


Leah said...

So glad the NT scan went well! I also had one done, and regardless of what I found out, I also had no plans to terminate. It was just another ultrasound that I was happy to get. :) Those are pretty fast heartbeats! If that old myth is true, you may be having two girls! :)

Michele said...

great news!

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I am beyond thrilled for you!!! I just know you are going to being both babies home when you are discharged...

I LOVE your Christmas card!!!