Monday, September 27

Updates badly needed!

Quick update...

Birth Control is over. Thankfully. I hate that stuff! :) It caused me to break out pretty badly... or maybe that's the Lupron?

Lupron is going well... 7 days in. I go for my supression check on the 30th and I'm so exited.

I love that things are moving along.

Today I had a mini panic attack that maybe things won't work. And this will be all for nothing.

I'm considering calling RSC to have a phone consult with my new doctor about:

(1) The fact that my right ovary is floating somewhere near my kidney and my uterus kind of moved due to the CSection/pregnancy. This can only make pregnancy harder, right?

(2) Maybe they'll let me put in 2 embryos? I know it's a gamble and I definitely DO NOT want to go through bed rest/13 week preemie twins/losing a baby/NICU for over 3 months again, but I also feel like I "know" what I did wrong last time. (I definitely DID NOT take it easy enough, and that's something I'll always regret.) But the idea that I'll end up not pregnant at all after this cycle makes me all panic-y. But then I feel all selfish because I know that's really just me putting my fear of failure before the overall safety. But maybe it's not? Plenty of people have full-term babies.

So I don't know...

So, yes, in short... I'm still alive.

Back to my paper?


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Catherine W said...

Glad that the birth control is over. Sorry about the panic attack and my heart goes out to you over the 'how many embryos to put back' issue. Having been where we've been must make it so, so hard to make that call.