Tuesday, September 7

A few updates

Lots has been going on around here. But I've been too busy to even sleep, let along post...

Back to School
My 3 grad classes started on Sept. 1. They actually don't look too bad, but they look pretty boring. I'm taking Language Acquisition which I took in college as an undergrad. I'm also taking Assessment and Treatment of Reading Disabilities & Theory and Research in Reading. Did I already mention BORING? I'm working toward my M.Ed in Reading and Language... I guess I just didn't expect the classes to be so awful. Right now I'm licensed to teach PreK-2 and I didn't want to get a degree to teach 1-6 because I didn't want to get stuck with Grade 6, so I'm going so that I'll be a licensed Reading Specialist. I can't wait for it to be over, but it's looking to be a long ways off. At the end of this semester I'll have 18 of my 30 credits and then I'll take 6 more in the Spring. So... another year and a half?

Back to Work
Today was the 1st day back for teachers. (We start really late compared to almost everyone else!) It was loooong day. Colby's going to day care now 3 days a week. It's a family program with 3-5 kids depending on the day. He loved it today and was exhausted when I picked him up, but it was so much harder for me this time around. I think it's because now I know that he really knows me and depends on me and I felt like I was abandoning him. It was such an awful feeling. I rushed out of school the second I could to get him.

School itself is interesting. I mentioned before that I switched schools. Here's why...
- Last year at the C/G (where I was) we had 4 K classes and 3 1st Grade classes.
- The plan for this year was to move to 4 1st grades because of the K's moving up. And then to have 3 K's because the numbers changed. I was going to move to 1st because I was the least senior.
- Numbers for K dropped so they went down to 2 K's at the C/G and I lost my post as the future 1st grade teacher. Instead the second least senior K teacher was to move up to 1st.
- I got sent to the L/R for their open K class.
- All was fine all summer... la de dah.
- Last minute, K enrollment at the C/G jumped and they ended up adding the 3rd K back.
- K teacher forced to move up to 1st decides to move back down to K leaving the 1st grade open.
- I'm still at the L/R because they don't want to disrupt that school.
- They hire a new teacher for the 1st grade--- the position I completely wanted forever.

And sigh..

And to top it off they wouldn't release my furniture from the C/G so I was left with nothing at the L/R. They ended up finding me a few tables and just enough chairs, but I don't have my carpet. It sounds stupid (well maybe not to the other teachers out there) but I LOVE that carpet. Last year in the beginning of the year my carpet was destroyed when my roof leaked so I got to order a brand new carpet. Don't you know I got the best one I could- it was a giant calendar so it had individual rectangles for everyone to sit in and plenty of room to do work on the floor. Ahhh I loved it. But they confiscated it and won't let it leave the C/G. And my new principal won't buy me a new one. Instead I was told to "go get a carpet remnant for like $60." Yes... just what I want to spend money on.

Kids come Thursday.

Back to IVF
Well I've taken 2 birth control pills and I start Lupron on the 20th and then go in for blood and u/s on the 30th. Excited to be back in it, but a little overwhelmed. Not looking forward to the start of the needles again...

If you need pictures of Colby, visit www.365daysofcolby.blogspot.com . I totally stole the idea from Alyssa...


Alyssa said...

LOL at the 365 blog :) Hailey's hasnt been updated in 2 months! I'm so behind. :(

Ashley said...

I would definately be upset about the carpet!! That sucks girl!! I hope it all works out for you. Good luck with this cycle. You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

So excited about your IVF!!! You know I COMPLETELY understand and support you!!! Please email any time!!!


Leah said...

Isn't leaving your baby at daycare so hard? I'm struggling with that right now as well!

Your IVF is just around the corner. So exciting. :)