Wednesday, May 29


Life is still so busy... time is rare.

  • We're still in the process of keeping the house "show-ready".  I am so over it.  I will never move again after this time.
  • I've been applying to new jobs "down South" (Southeastern MA).  Deadlines aren't for awhile so I won't know anything for awhile, but I just want to have a job already so we can have some direction in our lives.
  • The girls turned 2 on Saturday!  They're so big I can't stand it.  They had a blast opening gifts.
  • Colby, Syd, and Zoe got sick starting Saturday night.  Slight fevers always keep us on edge with Colby's history of febrile seizures and the {slightly} elevated tendency for siblings.  Luckily, we were seizure free and they're all fine now.
  • Now I can't even figure out why we're so busy when I have nothing of substance to update on.


Jen: Proud Mom of 1 Genetic Child after 40 and 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

They are ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I don't know how you keep your house "show-ready!" I couldn't do it in a house we were renting BEFORE Davie was born! And you have four!! You are brave!
But I'm with you - we'll have to move one more time, but that'll be it! No more moves!!