Monday, January 23


Some bits and pieces until it's time to turn of the pump or until a babe wakes up.

  • I signed up for my last grad course last night.  (Last course, but I still have 2 pracs to do)  The semester started today & it really looks kind of manageable.  However, that might simply be because the class is called "Program Evaluation" and I have no clue what that means.  It's over April 7th.  I can make it until then.  Right?
  • I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole teaching-motherhood-no sleep-pumping every few hours- grad school thing.
  • School has been going okay... my class is still tough, but I love them just the same.  They're coming along- they're starting to realize that I'm not going to tolerate their inappropriate behaviors.  I always tell my kids that I don't care if they make mistakes & I don't care if they don't understand how to do something, all that matters is that they try to learn, to listen, and to do their best.  Simply reminding them of that (over and over) has really seemed to help some of the kiddos get really excited about learning.
  • I still feel so behind at school though.  We're finally through relearning routines (well, my routines) so we're settling in to actually completing lessons.  It's so different being in 1st grade than K though because I am just not a "follow-the-book-and-do-the-lessons" kind of person.  I use small groups and learning centers and hands on activities and I hate worksheets, but that's the total opposite of our 1st grade curriculum.  So I find myself struggling between what I know and do, covering the manual, and making sure that the two meld to somehow still meet the standards.
  • Colby turned 2 1/2 on Thursday.  So the 21st was Saturday.  I know I've said it before, but it's really not getting any easier.  Instead I find myself kind of blindsided by glimpses of what might have been if only that morning had turned out differently.  That's a whole other issue though.
  • The girls are 8 months old on Wednesday.  I can't believe it.  They're getting so big so fast it's scary.  By the time Colby was 8 months we already had our Baby #3 (which turned into #3 and #4) appointment with the RE.  This time?  I'm trying to catch my breath still!  (But there are some days where the Baby Bug is knocking at the door and I am so ready.)
  • We interviewed and chose a new nanny.  This one has a 20 month old son she'll be bringing along.  I am a little nervous how that whole dynamic is going to work, but she seems pretty amazing, the kid is super cute and sweet, and Colby keeps singing "Logan!  Logan!  Logan!" because he wants to play with him again.  I hope it works out.  Until at least June.
It's almost midnight, so the pump won out.  The girls are still asleep.  :)  

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

You have A LOT going on!! I hope you get the swing of school, Mom, teacher, wife, etc..before the school year is over. ;)

Im glad you found someone new to watch the kids. Im sure a playmate will be nice for Colby.