Wednesday, September 28

Update... because that's all the time I have lately!

Just a super quick update while pumping...

  • The girls were 4 months on Sunday.  I can't believe how fast this is all going.  The both roll over front to back & Zoe is so close to back to front that it's crazy.
  • They're in the midst of teething... drooling, chomping on fists, fussiness... you get it.  I'm not ready for that!
  • We still wake at night... typically they're asleep by 8 pm or so, then they wake around 11, then again around 3, then 5, then 7.  I dread the 5am wake up because by the time they nurse & I pump it's usually so close to them waking again for the day.  I'm still tired, but the key is doing things during the day.  If I sit on the couch or allow myself to lay down for even a second, it's all over.  But if I'm playing trains or we're playing out back or we go for a walk then I'm fine.  I just crash later.  :)
  • Nursing is still a struggle... Sydney definitely prefers the bottle.  I guess I'm not surprised because of their NICU stay & then my lack of nursing in favor of pumping in the beginning.  She'll nurse pretty well when tired, but otherwise it's a bit of a fight.  I persevere so she always gets most of her feed from nursing but there has to be a bottle or 2 during the day to really fill her up.  Zoe does really well nursing & can take a full feed.  I'm still pumping every 2-3 hours all day every day.  It's easier to pump more now than it was in the beginning because we have a good routine now.  I'm freezing about 10-20oz every day so our deep freezer is almost overflowing already.  I'm just so happy that with nursing & pumping I'm meeting their needs 100%+.  Because formula is expensive & these girls can be PIGS.
  • They still use the shields and I'm not sure we'll ever get to give those up.  I do try, but not nearly as much as I should simply because sometimes struggling with Sydney is all the drama anyone can take.  She hates me enough for making her nurse... I can't even imagine the struggle it would be to make her try to make it harder.  Maybe one day.  :)
  • Colby had a great time in California with Johnny and tells me on a daily basis that he's "go fly pane marrow" (going on a plane tomorrow).
Well, it's 3 & I started this whole song and dance of nursing & pumping at 1:25, so I'm off to try to catch some zzzz's.  


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

You are one busy mama. And I give you major credit for continuing to breastfeed the girls. Where did Colby go in Cali? I don't think you mentioned that before. We leave for CA on monday!

Anonymous said...

You are a supermom! I loved watching the videos of the girls. They are just too adorable!