Friday, February 4

Anatomy Scan

The anatomy scan was today and it went well. (Whew!) I've been really nervous lately just that something would be wrong- either with the babies or my cervix or something. But it all checked out. Both babies are measuring right on target or a few days ahead and they're both growing at basically the exact same rate which is HUGE with twins. They were super active the whole time which made it difficult for the doctor to get the measurements, but I loved seeing them wiggle. :) We did not find out the sexes so it's still a mystery and I'm hoping it stays that way. My cervix was still measuring around 4cm or so. They couldn't get an exact measure because they couldn't see my cervix on the ultrasound... ?? I didn't know that was possible- but they took their best guess and they seemed happy.

But of course, I'm still not loving this high risk practice. The doctor who did the ultrasound was completely unknown to us, but she was nice and I liked her. Our doctor, Dr. R, poked her head in periodically to make sure that the measurements were looking okay. Then at the end of the scan she came in to do a quick check for herself and she declared the babies to be "Beautiful!" and "Perfect!" only to end it with "We did a consult with you--- why was it again that we're seeing you? Just because of twins?"

So I had to explain that it was because of twins and having my last twins at 27 weeks and my previously shortened cervix etc. So then she decides to do a cervix check (trust me, even if she didn't suggest it, I wasn't leaving there without one!) and there is the whole hassle of not finding my cervix. (Seriously, they had 3 people in there trying to figure out where on the screen my cervix was...) And then they kept declaring it beautiful! And perfect! And the whole time I'm trying to explain that, yes, I know. It was perfect at 18 weeks last time too. It was at 23 weeks that it was shrunk to basically nothing. And I'm nervous and PLEASE listen to me and take some precautions! But I was sent away with "See you in two weeks for a check." And I'm so nervous because I'm getting the feeling that they don't get how scared I am or WHY I am so scared and that their mode of action is to wait-until-the-problem-happens rather than being proactive.

So we wait...

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Michele said...

Oh hon... I cant even imagine. Our practice was SO proactive. But the big thing is that YOU are the advocate for you and your babies. As long as you keep your voice the loudest they cant ignore your fears.

So glad for a good scan and hoping for an excellent 18 or so more weeks!!!