Monday, November 22

First OB Appointment

This week has flown!

Today I had my first post-graduation OB appointment. My last OB quit in July to spend time with her son, so I had to switch to the other OB in the practice- Dr. K. And let me tell you... I LOVE HIM. (Much more than my old OB which is a big thing because I really liked her too!)

I had met him briefly while on bedrest back with the boys and immediatley liked him-- he actually was the doctor who came in after reviewing my results and told me that I could go home at 28 weeks. :) (He wasn't the one who did the exam though, and he was just reading results, so I'm not holding anything against him.)

We were with him for OVER a 1.5 hours. He was so concerned with getting our history right and going over our "game plan" for this pregnancy. (Because, well, the last pregnancy + twins this time = extrememely high risk and precarious.) He checked everything out and gave us another ultrasound (yes!). (Both babies are still looking great, right on target for 8 weeks.)

Our next few weeks look like...

Dec 7th meet with a NEW high risk doctor in Boston. (He is NOT a fan of my old high risk doctor! He wouldn't say anything directly degrading, BUT he immediately said that we would not being going back to him under ANY circumastances... as far as I know the old Dr. C won't be allowed near me no matter what.)

Dec 23rd we have the 12 week screening in Boston

Jan 3rd we meet back with Dr. K to go over results and get the ball rolling for our plans

Then pretty much any time after that the cerclage is being placed... he's aiming for 13-15 weeks, so we'll see when that happens.

Basically I just feel so comfortable with him. He made it very clear that there are no guarantees, but he will do everything in his power to get us to a safer place. (His aim for now is 30-32 weeks.) He also said that we'll love our new high risk doctor and that the practice is just phenomenal. So, I'm excited... we're just in a good place.

And interestingly enough... he made it sound like, if we got far enough, VBAC would be an option. He said that my Csection incision WASN'T the kind that makes it an impossibility. (This is the complete opposite of what my old OB had said.)


Alyssa said...

Yay :) I'm glad things are going well. I am so excited to read more about your pregnancy :)

Leah said...

It sounds like you have a great OB, which is so wonderful! I have such a good feeling about this pregnancy for you. You are being monitored this early on, which is wonderful. :)

Our Open Adoption Family said...

I am so, so happy for you- I know you will make it to 36 weeks this time!!! Why not 38!!!!

Sending hugs, love, positive vibs, and prayers!!!

Jen- from Jen's 7 From Heaven

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

It sounds like all 3 of you are in good hands. :)

I cant wait to hear about the next appt. And the 12 weeker right before Christmas? PERFECT!