Monday, November 29

Cerclage Date

So I got the letter that my cerclage is scheduled for January 6th.


Why am I so nervous for that?!

Anyways... can anyone give me information about what to expect? :)


Devon said... will be able to see your legs hanging in the air yet unable to feel will be completely exposed for ALL....your dr will be taking about vacations and the weather while you bear it all....

but seriously, its not that bad. a spinal. procedure is fast. then recovery. you will feel them pulling inside you but it won't be painful. just very odd.

you'll do great! i did have some cramping/contractions after but they subside 24 hours later or may want to ask to go home with some terb just in case....

Michele said...

What kind of cerclage are you getting? I had a Shirodkar; it was placed in May 2009, so if you go through my archives there are play by plays. But, from what I remember, I had a spinal, the surgery took about an hour, there was some cramping and bleeding, and then it was off my feet for the rest of the pregnancy. I had mine placed at 11 weeks and made it 2 days shy of 28 weeks before delivering Bobby and Maya via emergency c-section.

Good luck!!!

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I didn't have one, but just want to share how happy and excited for you!!! I know that this time will be different!!! I can't believe you are already 9+ weeks!!!

Sending lots of prayers, hugs, and love your way!!!