Sunday, May 9

March for Babies!!

Yesterday was the Boston March for Babies and it was great!

The day started off a little rough-- the weather was awful. We got caught in several downpours and even a thunderstorm while waiting in a huge line of traffic to get to the walk beginning. Eventually we made it to the parking- only to be drenched just getting Colby out of the car. I had to jump a huge river from car to curb to get him an all his gear out. However, despite the torrential rain we were still happy to be there!

We got under cover, registered, and then snapped a few photos in the "holding area" while we waited for the official start.
I apologize for this photo... I look incredibly creepy. I'll blame it on the cold, rain, and frizzy hair.

We met up with the rest of our team. We had 41 registered walkers and a few unregistered that were walking with spouses. We expected a lot of no-shows because of the awful weather, but we were pleasantly surprised that everyone came!! (Sporting umbrellas of course!)
My brother Chris, his girlfriend Stephie, and my sister-in-law Nikki.

Just waiting... :)
My friend Crystal and her boyfriend Ryan hiding behind her. And my brother Matt.

My brother Jeff and friend Michaela.

Our friends Becky and her baby Phoenix (in the gray stroller), Becky's brother Jeremy and his kids. (I'm not even going to attempt to spell their names-- they are very Italian names!)

Some even trekked up multiple states to be there with us!
My cousin Bill, his wife Martina, and their baby Danny all the way up from Virginia for the weekend!

Finally it was time to walk! The rain tapered off and we were able to go at it umbrella-less.

Colby enjoyed being pushed while all covered up and cozy. Eventually I took him out and carried him (all 18lbs 9oz) the last 1.5 miles or so.

Photo-Op before leaving!

They were playing music at the Hatch Shell and Colby LOVED it! I couldn't catch him dancing though!

After the walk we all headed back to our house to hang around.
Colby scooted around...

Attacked Kevin's glasses...

Played with Chris and Stephie...

Danced on the table...

Played with his Uncle Danny...

By the end of the night, after only two 20-minute naps ALL DAY (and he woke up just a little after 6) he was exhausted and getting grumpy.
Post-drool photo of his onesie.

And the back.

Overall, it was a GREAT day. Our team raised over $8,800 and the Boston walk raised over $650,000.

While Colby was in the NICU we were lucky enough to enjoy the same roomie-family for much of Colby's time. Leo was born 6 days after the boys and began his NICU stay in Colby's Level 3 room. After about 2 or 3 weeks Leo was moved to a Level 2 room down the hall. When Colby was finally moved out of Level 3 a few weeks after Leo, the only opening happened to be with Leo, so they were together again. The two were together again until Leo was discharged at the end of September. As you can imagine, Johnny and I spent a lot of time talking to Leo's parents-- whom we just happened to run into on the walk!!! It was so great to catch up with them-- I've been absolutely AWFUL and haven't gotten into contact with them since they left, so it was nice to see them. :)

We had Connor and Colby's info on the back of the shirts we all wore-- they said "in memory of Connor, 7/19/09 - 7/21/09, 2lbs 9oz" and "in honor of Colby, 7/19/09, 2lbs 3oz" so without talking to us people could easily know our "story". After the walk I had two different moms come up to me because of the shirts and tell me that they had had a similar situation with their twins-- losing one after only a few days while the other continued to thrive. It was nice to have them come up-- I can't explain why exactly, but it was nice to feel like someone I actually met "got it". One even invited me to join an online webring that she's a part of-- they're working on making a MA support group that can meet up.

All in all, despite the rain, being there to support the walk just felt right. I can't wait to do it again next year-- our goal will be well over $10,000!

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