Wednesday, May 5

Happy Mommy's Day-- Early!

Since Johnny and started dating we have had a hard time waiting to give each other presents.

I'd get my birthday gifts the weekend before.
Johnny would start asking about his birthday gifts as soon as I went shopping.
Christmas would be celebrated a few nights before all of the family festivities.

So why should Mother's Day be any different?

Tonight Colby- with the help of Daddy- gave me my first Mother's Day gift.

It was a perfect charm bracelet from all my boys.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Colbys face is priceless. What a doll. Seriously, him and Trevor need to hang out.

And a beautiful gift. You are a wonderful Mama!

Devon said...

so sweet! what a great hubby and daddy!

ashley said...

I love it! How sweet!

Michele said...

how lovely!