Friday, February 5

3 Months

Colby has been home with us for exactly three months!!  The time has FLOWN.

We brought him home at 9lb 1oz babe on November 5th:

And now he is at least 14+lbs-- we'll get the official weight on Monday at the pedi. 

He's sleeping less during the day, rolling over to his back, allllmooost grabbing things, smiling, laughing, standing with help, babbling up a storm and just is uber cute.

I'm loving every minute.

There are some days I'm exhausted and can't stand the thought of cleaning another bottle, but then... well, he's there.  I actually enjoy getting up at night with him.  I know that of this is due to the fact that I never really experienced the "up-every-hour" thing in the early months and part of this is due to the fact that he is SO.GOOD. and immediately goes back to sleep after feeding.  (Yes, I am fully aware that I have jinxed myself and I will be up the entire night tonight...)  

Some mornings I will him to stay asleep for 10 more minutes (or at least to babble quietly to himself) and try to put off starting the day.  But then I remind myself how much I want to be there for every minute.  How much I want to see every smile, hear every laugh, and be the one to comfort every (rare) cry.  He melts my heart.  I confess he still sleeps in a Pack-N-Play next to our bed (when did everyone give up having their babes sleep in their room??), I still rock him to sleep after his night time feeds, and I often let him nap on me during the day rather than putting him down.  I know this is making him dependent on these things... but how can I not?  Like I said... he melts my heart.

In 2 months I'll be going back to work... I'm nervous to say the least.  I'm a little excited to be going back to see my kiddies and it is a little easier knowing that I'll only work for 2 weeks, have a week off for April vacation, then only have 9 or so weeks left before the summer... with all the fun end of the year stuff.  

But the idea of leaving him is torture.  Pure torture.  The idea that someone else will be giving him his bottles and cuddling him on the couch and rallying him on as he rolls over saddens me to no end.  I love doing that stuff... it does get a little monotonous and sometimes I just want to sleep, but in the end I love every minute of it.  Every single minute.

And I'm totally ready to be pregnant again.  :)  


Shinejil said...

I work from home, but I second that emotion: being away from my little one is very, very hard. Give yourself permission to hate it; it's one of the toughest things you can do. But I'm glad you've had so many wonderful days with Colby.

My dude sleeps with me in our room, too, and it's way, way easier that way. You may want to keep that up as you go back to work; you'll probably both need a lot of nocturnal time together since you won't get as much of that during the day.

Transitioning to a separate room is so variable: I've heard from friends who always put their infant in another room (the minority, btw) to folks who had their kids sharing their bed until age 3-4. All of these kids are awesome, smart, well-behaved and -adjusted youngsters. So I don't know if it really matters. Colby won't go to college needing you to sleep in his room. :)

I think you should listen to your and your husband and Colby's feelings about what's the best, most restful place for everyone. When it's time for Colby, and he's ready to be more independent, you'll know it in your maternal heart, I bet.

I personally have set a goal of 9-12 mos for having my little guy in his own sleep space, and then by 2 I hope we'll have him in his own room (at least for the start of the night).

Kate said...

What a cute little man!!!! I am sure going back will be difficult for so many reasons. He is just too cute!! I love the little comment you tossed in at the bottom there! :-) Hugs!

Leah said...

He is adorable. :-D So happy things are going well. It's obvious how in love you are. :-D

Michele said...

He is gorgeous!!!