Sunday, March 23

Starting the next round

Tomorrow marks 30 freakin' days.

I still can't believe how completely fast these past 30 days have gone.   I mentioned that to Johnny and he said it had gone slow.  It seems fast to me though.  Fast, but not fast enough.  So tomorrow I'm going to call RSC and get the ball rolling again.  I'll probably go in for Pro.vera bloodwork tomorrow (I assume...) and then in a week and a half or so (April 3rd-8th I'm guessing) I'll be going in for Day 3 bloodwork and ultrasound... and then Clo.mid... and then a week and then testing and monitoring for a few days... then Ovi.drel... then pregnancy test!!  

Today was Easter and we went to Jean and Walt's.  Jenny was there with the babies.  I was admittedly out of it and a little down.  There have been so many babies lately (pregnancies, talk of babies, the kids at Sarah's yesterday, Gracie & Emily...) and it's been kind of upsetting.  I KNOW I shouldn't let it bother me, but it just does.  A lot.  So... I don't know how long I'll be able to go through this without telling someone else.  Someone who cares.  If this cycle fails I really don't know how I'll deal with it.  I dealt remarkably well with the whole not pregnant-then miscarriage thing.   But it's there in the back of my head.  I need this to work. ...

Jeeze,  I don't want to even read what I wrote.  It probably makes no sense.

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