Tuesday, January 29

To tell or not to tell

I haven't really talked to anyone going through fertility issues, so I don't know how other people deal with them.  I have talked to another teacher at my school a tiny bit- she's going through the same thing, but she's s bit further ahead of it that me.  (She's as far as one failed round of IVF)  But I haven't really talked to her.  And so I'm left with my question: To Tell or not to Tell.  

Some days I have such a strong desire to keep everything quiet.  From the beginning that was our resolution- keep is quiet so that we don't become the pitied ones.  I don't want every first question when we visit people to be, "So, how's the baby making coming along?"  We already get plenty of well-meaning awkward questions from Johnny's family- I don't need any more probing questions.  They're open enough to ask me ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, so I wouldn't want the chance of questions coming up.  Also, I want it to be a surprise to everyone.  Right now we're keeping the, "We'll see when we'll have a baby." vibe.  We're trying not to let people in.  

BUT... there's the other part of me.  The part of me that wants to let people in.  Because sometimes I feel like this is our own personal shame.  I try not to let it bother me, but isn't it kind of "shameful" (I hate that word...) if you have to hide it from people?  But really, I feel like it's so exciting.  Everything that is going on is really kind of neat.  Science is neat and everything that is happening is neat.  I want to be able to share that with people who really care and who are really interested.  So I really want to share this with someone... not everyone, but someone who really cares.  I kind of want to tell my mom... but I haven't.

Also... I want to share this with someone because, no matter how much I love Johnny and how well-meaning he is... he just can't seem to grasp by this whole thing bothers me so much.  Why I get upset every time we have a set back.  Why I get emotional when they call and say we'll have to wait another month.  Why I get a little sad when I see a baby or jealous when I hear that another friend is pregnant (usually unintentionally... happily, but unintentionally).  He can't seem to get it... so some times I feel like I need someone else there to lean on.  But I go back and forth between the two extremes so much that instead I don't share it with anyone... and I don't know if I want to or not...

So, I wonder, do the majority of people share their journey with those close to them?  Or do they keep it to themselves?

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