Thursday, June 13

So I've got a new blog in the works.  It's basically the same as on here, but in a new location.  I'm not keeping it private in the "you need a password/permission" sense,  but I am keeping the address private unless people want it.  Basically, I feel like everything on here has become much more accessible than I had originally planned back when I started.  If you google my kiddos, you find this blog and several people over time have done that.  For the most part I don't mind, but it makes things a little awkward when people say "Oh, I read your blog..." and I find myself wondering how they found it and knowing that they now know more about our history than I might have planned.  (Emily, I don't mean you :)

And there's the fact that it's just easier to start over than to go back and edit everything.  :)

So, I know I'll lose people in the process (sadly) but if you want to keep on reading my (almost nonexistent) posts (4 kids under 4 is BUSY) send me an email (


Michele said...

I'm sad you're going! But I understand. If you're up for me reading, I'd love to know the address! :)

And I get the weird feelings... Whenever someone says "Oh, I saw on your blog..." I always get a "WTF" moment when they aren't someone I know well.

Anonymous said...

So funny that you clarified for me - I probably would have had a complex :-)