Monday, February 18

What do I need?

A general plea to everyone.

This is the first time I'm really expecting to head to the hospital and have a baby and bring it home with me.  Soooo... what do I need?  I started to make a list tonight, but I'm still kind of at a loss.  I think it's more the stuff I need for the baby.  (Though I'm a little clueless for me... I'll be in the hospital for 4 days post section)  Do I bring clothes for every day?  (In the NICU clothes don't get put on until IVs are out and then they supply plain onesies)  Do I need diapers?

I find this all a little funny seeing as I've had 4 kids!


sunflowerchilde said...

I don't quite recall anymore, but you will want clothes for sure. I remember my kids wearing onesies we brought from home, but long sleeve shirts supplied by the hospital (probably because it was cold in the hospital but 100 degrees outside, so we only brought short sleeves). The hospital provides anything disposable, such as diapers. I honestly can't think of anything else you'd need for the baby aside from things you'd want to supply yourself instead of get from the hospital (like any special blankets or hats or stuffed animals - but the hospital always supplies blankets and hats). Almost everything I brought was for me - a headscarf for my hair, my glasses, my computer. I do remember sending my husband home for my pillow because the hospital pillows were horrible. People suggest bringing a nursing pillow as well - I didn't, maybe I should have. Camera of course, that one is obvious. Good luck, it will be great!

Ashley said...

I used gowns from home on kenz, baby socks, nail clippers, wipes (my hospital doesn't provide because they don't want you to use), going home outfit for you and baby, I brought pjs for me, hair dryer, notepad, Chapstick, snacks, I packed my hubby a couple sets of clothes, camera, video camera...if I think of more ill let you know!!

Anonymous said...

You are almost there. Amazing!!!!
My hospital provided what was needed for baby (wipes, diapers etc) so I only brought outfits to wear for baby. The most important for me was my camera because I took so many pictures those 2 days in the hospital.
Wishing you a peaceful and joyful hospital stay.