Saturday, October 6

Tied Up

Thursday morning I went in for my cerclage.  I went in incredibly nervous- but only for the spinal.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I love my doctor.  He just seems to really care about what happens with this baby and me and our family.  And he was able to calm me down enough, so the spinal ended up going perfectly.

After I was already all IV'd up and numbed up from the spinal Dr. K decided to have me dopplered to check the heartbeat.  Beth Israel is a Harvard teaching hospital so he had a resident with him who set about getting the heartbeat while he got all set.  The resident tried for 5 minutes to get the heartbeat.  5 MINUTES.  And couldn't do it, so then Dr. K came over and tried helping her listen while she still moved the wand.  After a minute Dr. K took over the doppler and tried his hand at finding the heartbeat.  After a few minutes on his own- and me panicking- he sent the resident to find an ultrasound to check.  Almost as soon as she left Dr. K was able to find the heartbeat.  Turns out it was a lot higher than expected- thanks to being so stretched from 2 sets of twins.  :)  But he found it and it was strong and that was all that mattered.  I did tell him it wasn't funny at all.

In the end, the stitch went on well and almost exactly in the same place as last time.  He said things looked good and it's nice to have this hurdle done.  Next time I'm in the hospital I'm hoping I'm there to have a baby.  :)

When I was leaving the OR he offered to call Johnny and let him know how it went.  Have I mentioned how much I love him?

Anyways, recovery went well.  I was just uncomfortable from the tingling and my back was hurting so I was just itching to get un-numb and out of there as soon as possible.  Almost 4 hours later I was finally ready to go home.

All in all, I've felt pretty good the past few days.  A little sore all around, but good.

But about my doctor.  I wonder sometimes (a lot lately) what would have happened with Connor & Colby had I used him with them.  Instead I had another doctor who went on maternity leave just months into the pregnancy and I was sent to see Dr. C- the evil high risk.  I know there is no use in wondering.  And there is no use in playing "what if".  But knowing how Dr. K has been from the beginning of the girls pregnancy and on I just feel like it would have all be different.

But for now I guess I can just be happy that he's here to care for this baby and he was there to help get the girls to 34 weeks.    :)

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