Sunday, October 7

High Risk

We had our first high risk appointment at the end of September along with our genetic testing.  The NT scan came back at 1.7 and overall the genetic tests were all good.

But high risk... with the boys we saw the evil Dr. C.  He's gone from the practice- though still around somewhere because we've seen him at the hospital- and from the beginning Dr. K has had very strong negative feelings about him.

Then with the girls we saw Dr. R- the one we had to constantly remind her of everything about why we were there and had to fight her for the cerclage with the girls.  (We went 7 weeks longer- I'm thinking we did the right thing despite her textbook opinions)  She's gone from the practice as well.

So, with pregnancy #3 we're still seeing high risk, but we were a little hesitant to meet another doctor.  This time we were hooked up with Dr. A- the head of the MFM practice and also the head of something big at Harvard.  He's kind of a big deal.  And, well, third time is a charm.  We love him.  Not only did he agree with Dr. K that the cerclage was the way to go, but he obviously read our chart and talked to Dr. K about us before we got there.  He had us run down our history, but he already knew it and was able to ask about important things.  We just felt so comfortable with him and really felt that, for once, we were in the best high risk care.

Now, I'm all but convinced that Dr. K combined with Dr. A puts me in the best possible position we could be in.  Full term baby?  For the first time, I am finding myself daydreaming about having this baby and holding it in the recovery room and keeping it in my room and nursing from the start.  I really think that they will both do their best in to keeping this baby where it belongs as long as possible.  And this is the first time I've felt that way.  :)


Jen McLaughlin said...

You ARE going to have a full term or LATE baby!!! I am so glad you are feeling this and knowing this!!! I am so happy and excited for you!!! One baby is going to be so much easier on your body!!! After being pregnant with twins, out!!! I thought Baby Kate would be early, but instead, she had to be surgically at 8 pounds 5 ounces!!!! This baby will be the same!!! Huge!!! Love ya!!!

Leah said...

I would LOVE a Christmas card of your beauties. :) I don't see your email address though to send my address to. Can you email me at: leah (no space) spafford (at) Yours will be on it's way shortly. Yay for a Christmas Card exchange. :)