Sunday, February 12

Quick Recap

  • The 1.5 months has included... 
    • a virus for all 5 of us that lasted between 1 week (Johnny) and 1 month (Colby).  It was brutal and sleep was sorely lacking for all of us -- me mostly because the girls and Colby would.not.sleep.
    • the virus was beginning to turn into pneumonia for Zoe, so she went on antibiotics
    • pink eye for the 3 kiddos
    • a stomach bug for 4 of us (Sydney has an iron stomach apparently)
    • my mom in the hospital 2x for super-low potassium.  It's a problem that has just sort of recently began and it has been a tough few months since it began.  This last stint (5 days in the ICU) seemed to bring a little clarity to the issue though, so she's finally feeling a lot better.  
    • grad class that has left me clueless because I just don't get the class.  
    • my principal telling me that I have to be more "social" with the staff at school.  Because I don't go to parties and I don't eat lunch in the staff room.  But he forgets that I live 45+ minutes away, I have 3 kiddos 2 and under, and I am taking grad classes.  Oh and that I pump for my entire 50 minute lunch period. 
    • weaning on the pumping.  But I don't think I'm going to be pump-free come Texas on Saturday.  I've got it down to 4(ish) times a day.  The pump is only free until March 25th, so I need to be pump-free by then.

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Leah said...

Wow. A little taken aback by the comment by your principle. I'm sorry? When would you have time to be sociable? What a silly comment!

Hope you are all feeling better.