Monday, October 31

Milk thaw

We had a pretty major-ish snow storm.  (Yes, in October.  I will never love NE weather...)

Johnny, the kids, & I left as soon as the power went out at 7:30 on Sat night.

It's Monday at 10:15am & power is still out.  (Kids & I are at my parents.)

Those 200+ bags of well over 1,000oz of pumped milk are in serious danger.

I may cry.


Marcie said...

I really want to say that sucks, but I fuss at my kids for saying that word so I will just say, I hate that! HaHa! I also hate cold weather! I am ready for summer again!

sunflowerchilde said...

I'm SO SO sorry. That happened to me and it was truly, truly awful, and all I can say is that I'm sorry and I really hope it is saved in time.